Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Parent Homework


Please read the syllabus that was sent home today with the students and complete the brief survey below.

Welcome to Latin

Congratulations!  You have been accepted into the ECMS Latin program.  This is a high school level class in which you can receive credit for successful completion.  Below is some important information that you will need to know.
  • Class begins 8/14 at 8am (that is this Monday!).  You may enter the building at 7:45 (this will be true everyday).
  • Latin class is Monday - Thursday with Fridays reserved for make-up work, help sessions, and Latin club activities (optional but fun!).  However, in the event that we miss a day (Mon-Thur), then we will use Friday to make up for that missed day (for instance we will have a Friday class on 9/8 since we don't have school on that Monday).
  • The Latin class meets in the learning lab on the front hallway (front entrance, turn right, 1st computer lab on the left).
  • We will be using an online textbook; if you do not have internet access at home please let me know and I will make arrangements for a book.
  • Attendance is extremely important!  Excessive absences may result in removal from the class.  
I am excited to meet you all in person on Monday!  And I will be at the open house on Thursday to meet your parents.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Application for the 8th Grade Latin Class 2017-2018

The application is available now for the 8th grade Latin course for 2017-2018.  Application deadline is 11:59pm on August 11.

Course information:

Who can take the class?
  • Highly motivated 8th graders with outstanding grades and fantastic attendance;
  • Students interested in the language and culture of the ancient Romans;
  • Students motivated to earn an additional credit for high school: this class earns credit towards graduation;
What is this class?
  • The class is a level one Latin language class;
  • The students read passages appropriate for their level; the students comprehend spoken Latin; the students write accurate translations; the students write in Latin;
  • The students demonstrate an understanding of perspectives, practices and products of the Greco-Roman culture; the students interpret cultural practices of the Romans;
  • The students reinforce and further the knowledge of other disciplines through Latin; the students acquire information and recognize distinctive viewpoints via the study of Latin and the Greco-Roman civilizations.
What are the specifics?
  • The first day of class will be Monday, August 14;
  • It is a year-long class, which will meet Monday through Thursday from 8:00 to 9:00 am;
  • Fridays will be reserved for Latin Club and as a make-up day, and occasionally for class should the need arise;
  • The last day of class, and the final exam, for FALL semester will be 7:30-9:00 on Monday, December 18
  • The last day of class, and the final exam, for SPRING semester will be 7:30-9:00 on Friday, May 18
Any additional questions please email me at cameron.ward@cobbk12.org.  

How do I apply?
  1. Complete the ECMS Latin Class Application;
  2. Please ask a teacher you know well to this recommendation for you: Teacher Recommendation ;
  3. Email the Final 7th grade report card or middle school transcript to Mr. Ward (cameron.ward@cobbk12.org).