Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Final Exam Review

Reminder: The Fall Final Exam is Monday, December 18 @ 7:45am.

Final Exam Review

Final Exam Review Key

Friday, November 10, 2017


Sign up for your re-takes by Monday, November 13 @ 11pm.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Stage 7: CENA

Stage 7: CENA


  • Perfect tense (VSUX; biberunt)
  • Sentences with subject omitted
  • Ghost stories are told
  • There is a mysterious death
  • Roman burial customs
  • Roman beliefs about the afterlife

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Stage 6: Felix


  • Imperfect & perfect tense
  • erat & erant
  • slaves & freedmen
  • Clemens witnesses a fight; sees Felix, one of caecilius' freedmen, tells a story



Thursday, October 5, 2017

Stage 5

October 5 - 16

  • Nominative Plural
  • 3rd Person Plural Present Tense Verbs
  • The Theater: actors & performances; pantomime and comedy
  • The family goes to the theater; Poppaea, a slave girl, meets her boyfriend


Roman Civilization Center I

This is a mini-project on Roman culture.  Look at the three choices below, choose one of the topics that interest you and complete the project.  Today (10/5) will be the only day we work in class, so make sure you save your work to your google docs or what have you.

The Roman Civilization Center mini-project is due Monday, 10/9.  Please include a works cited page; this does not need to be a formal MLA or APA works cited, just a list of websites (urls) and/or books you used.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Stage 4

September 15 - October 3

  • Persons of Verbs
  • The Forum of Pompeii
  • Caecilius gets swindled in a business deal, but is triumphant in the end

Day 1
  1. Stage 4 Vocabulary Word Wall
  3. Model Sentences

Day 2
  1. Vocab Pre-quiz
  2. Review Model Sentences
  3. Language: Verbs: 1st & 2nd Persons (singular)
  4. HW: read “Hermogenes”: write Three Facts and a Fib

Day 3
  1. Vocab Quiz
  2. “Hermogenes”: do Three Facts and a Fib
  3. “in basilica” read and act out

Day 4
  1. Warm-up: Practicing the Language exercise 1 (electronic)
  2. Practicing the Language 2 (in WebBook): Grumio et leo p47
  3. Read the Culture Section and complete worksheet (The Forum of Pompeii

Day 5
  1. Review Culture 
  2. The Culture Game
  3. Culture Quiz
  4. HW: Study for Language Quiz (When we get back from Break)

Day 6
  1. Warm-up: What are you doing? & Who am I? (worksheet); and games on Cambridge
  2. Language Quiz
  3. Jeopardy

  1. TEST
  2. Stage 5 Vocabulary

Stage 3

September 5 - 14
Language: Nouns: Cases & Declensions
Culture: The Town of Pompeii
Story: Caecilius goes about town meeting the different inhabitants (a la Mr. Rogers)

Day 1
1.     Test Corrections
2.     Stage Three Vocabulary: Word Wall
3.     The Derivative Game
4.     “in foro”
Day 2
1.     Voc Pre-Quiz
2.     Review “in foro”
3.     Language: Nouns: Cases & Declensions
4.     Read “artifex”: assignment
Day 3
1.     Vocabulary Quiz
2.     Language: PTL 2; meanings
3.     Review “artifex”
4.     Read Culture,  Activities
Day 4
1.     Warm-up: PTL 1
2.     Culture Game: Kahoot
3.     Culture Quiz
4.     “tonsor” read and worksheet
Day 5
1.     Warm-up: Categorize all the nouns in “tonsor”.  How would you organize them?
2.     Review “tonsor”
3.     “venalicius” Read & make a cartoon (at least 10 frames)
Day 6
1.     Review and vote on best cartoons
2.     Language Game: Kahoot!
3.     Language Quiz

4.     Stage 4 Vocabulary

Stage 2

Stage 1

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Culture Quiz Stage 2

Do the QUIZ on your own paper.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Parent Homework


Please read the syllabus that was sent home today with the students and complete the brief survey below.

Welcome to Latin

Congratulations!  You have been accepted into the ECMS Latin program.  This is a high school level class in which you can receive credit for successful completion.  Below is some important information that you will need to know.
  • Class begins 8/14 at 8am (that is this Monday!).  You may enter the building at 7:45 (this will be true everyday).
  • Latin class is Monday - Thursday with Fridays reserved for make-up work, help sessions, and Latin club activities (optional but fun!).  However, in the event that we miss a day (Mon-Thur), then we will use Friday to make up for that missed day (for instance we will have a Friday class on 9/8 since we don't have school on that Monday).
  • The Latin class meets in the learning lab on the front hallway (front entrance, turn right, 1st computer lab on the left).
  • We will be using an online textbook; if you do not have internet access at home please let me know and I will make arrangements for a book.
  • Attendance is extremely important!  Excessive absences may result in removal from the class.  
I am excited to meet you all in person on Monday!  And I will be at the open house on Thursday to meet your parents.